Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame


Adventures of the Cowboy Trail

Cattle drives usually began in the spring after roundup, as grass was available then and the herd could be delivered to its destination in the north before cold weather set in.  Livestock from several different owner were usually included in a trail herd.  The trail boss obtained documention from each rancher noting the owner's brand, earmark and number of cattle.

This exciting hands-on, exhibit consists of three learning station!  The exhibit allows kids to learn about packing for the trail, the importance of branding and all about the Chuckwagon.

Meet Paint

When our ancestors worked on cattle drives, each Cowboy rode between 8 and 10 horses during the entire drive.  Each horse had its own duty .... a good long-distance travel horse, a swimming horse, a good night horse, etc.  Come and learn all about the American Paint Horse. 

Zigrang Bit Collection

The Zigrang Bit Colletion features over 128 bits of various design.  Most bits are forged with iron with some dating back to 1867.  This truly unique exhibit is a private collection and only on display at Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Amon G. Carter Cadillac

The original Cadillac Coupe (1933) vehicle was owned by Forth Worth entrepreneur and philanthropist, Amon G. Carter.  We feature this 1933 Cadillac not only for its uniqueness and beauty, but also to show the progression from the horse drawn vehicles of the Sterquell Wagon Collection to today's gas powered automobiles.

The John Justin Trail of Fame

Justin Boots were a standard of the west even before John Justin Jr. was born in 1917.  Justin's grandfather Herman started the company in 1879 in Spanish Fort, Texas where the Chisholm Trail crossed the Red River. 

Chisholm Trail Exhibit

The Chisholm Trail (named after Jessee Chisholm) was the trail used in the late 1800's to drive cattle from Texas into Kansas.  The final stop in Texas along the trail before crossing the Red River was in Forth Worth.  This exhibit is a favorite among visitors to the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.


The exhibit features four well-known, influential Texas icons whose involvement in the Republic of Texas was instrumental in Texas gaining its independence from Mexico.  The artifacts belong to and assicatiated with these gentlemen, circa 1830 - 1850, can only be seen at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

The Sterquell Wagon Collection

The Sterquell Wagon Collection, world's largest collection of lifestyle wagons, was acquired from U.C. (Sterk) and Betty Sterquell in Amarillo, Texas.  Mr. Sterquell began collecting and restoring wagons in the 1960s.  The collection was on public exhibit for a time in Amarillo, was part of a revitalization effort for the downtown cental district, and was sponsored by the Panhandle Plains Historical Society.  The Strequell Wagon Collection features over 60 wagons, buggies and sleighs.