Jersey Lilly Photo Parlor - Old Time Photos

Photography Hours

Monday - Thursday:  9am - 4:15pm - (no photo of 3 or more will be booked past 4:15pm)

Friday - Saturday:  10am - 6:15pm - (no photo of 3 or more will be booked past 6:15pm)

Sunday:  11am - 4:15pm - (no photo of 3 or rmore will be booked past 4:15pm)

To book your appointment call 817.626.7131.  We require a $15.00  (plus tax) non-refundable deposit to book your appointment.  Your deposit goes towards your total at the end.  Photography hours are subject to change without advanced notice.

Our Basic Picture Package

$27.95 +tax -  this includes 1 subject photographed in era-themed costume, 1 sepia-toned 8x10 photo and photo mat.  The basic package comes with an 8x10.  This cannot be changed to a different size.   Additional subjects to be photographed with the basic package are $5.95 each.  Additional photo prints are $11.95 each (choose from one 8x10, two 5x7 or 8 wallets for your additional prints).  Photographs from your session are also available on a CD for $29.95.  With the purchase of the CD, we also give you copyright permission.  All prices are before tax.  All photo sales are subject to a 8.25% sales tax.  Other packages are available.

Please note:  Any subtraction or addition of subjects to a photo shoot is considered an additional setting.  The basic package fee starts over for each additional setting.  Please call ahead for quotes on multiple settings.  Multiple setting appointments will be booked as time permits.