Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame


Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame honors those men and women who have excelled in the sport and business of rodeo, and the western lifestyle in Texas.  Our 100+ inductees include:  Nolan Ryan, Tommy Lee Jones, Trevor Brazile, Don Edwards, George Strait, Lane Frost, Ty Murray, Barry Corbin, Red Steagall, Tuff Hedeman, J.J. Hampton (17 time PWRA World Champion), Charmayne James, and Don Gay (8 time RCA World Champion Bull Rider).  Each of our inductees have their own individual booth containing personal memorabillia for our guests to view.

Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame opened its doors in 2001.  The building housing Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame is one of the horse and mule barns in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District.  Originally built in 1888, these barns housed over 3,000 horses and mules.  The original wooden barns that stood in this location were lost March 14, 1911 when a spark from a passing train ignited a fire.  They were rebuilt and completed in March 1912 and considered the first "fire proof" barns.  The bricks, columns, metal doors, cat-walks, and cinder blocks seen here are all original architecture.

The John Justin Trail of Fame pays tribute to one of Fort Worth's own.  This exhibit is dedicated to the legendary man, John Justin, Jr.  A man of vision, he put his own "special shine" on boots, Fort Worth and Texas.  He spent a lifetime building the Justin Boot Company and became one fo the city's most prominent civic leaders.  Included in the displays are a variety of boots, which were made for famous and not-so-famous customers.  Visitors will also view literature, telegraphs, badges and photographs of Mr. Justin and the prominent people he knew as friends through his business.

In 2006 - 07, we proudly introduced new collections including:  The Chisholm Trail Exhibit and  Zigrang Bit Collection.  These amazing collections contain original pieces showcased only in our museum.  On permanent display, the collections are historical, educational and very unique.  You will enjoy viewing, reading and discussing each of these wonderful displays.

On May 15, 2007 our childern's hands-on, 3-station Exploratorium debuted.  With generous grants from Fort Worth Promotion and Development Fund and Speedway Children's Charities, Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame's succesful effort to bring forth the value of the western cowboy and wagon history to our guests helped us to meet the need of educating our younger guests during their regular guided tours of the museum.  The three stations are:  Packing for the Trail - kids learn how a cowboy would "pack" his horse for a long trail drive.  Cowboy Alphabet - kids learn the importance of a brand and why they were used, then they "brand" a long horn (flyer); The Chuckwagon - learn about supplies "packed" on the Chuckwagon for the trail drive.  Magnets are used to simulate the supplies.

We wish to thank the American Paint Horse Foundation for their generous donation in support of the "Packing for the Trail" station in our Exploratorium.  For more information on the American Paint Horse Association, please visit their website at www.apha.com.